Toddler Sense Brimbank VIC


Toddler Sense is an exciting introduction into learning through play and games for children aged between 13 months and 5 years.


The various Adventure Play activities and games aim to help children to learn through play and, as with Baby Sensory, activities vary weekly. Every session includes a whole new world of adventure and challenge, designed to lead learning and development forwards, whilst motivating children to try out new skills.


Our Toddler Classes are divided into balanced phases incorporating warm-up activities and skill development activities, where children are encouraged to explore their environment. Activities are short, dynamic and fun with a clear sense of purpose.


Toddler Sense classes always start with the Adventure Play area, which is set out differently each week. Children enjoy scrambling over obstacles, balancing on steps and blocks, crawling through tunnels and climbing over the trestles and ramps. They also enjoy putting the equipment away after play.


Adventure Play is followed by structured, themed activities and games led by the Class Leader.


The first activity always starts with our 'How do you do?' song, which involves singing, rhythm sticks and holding hands. You and your child will then enjoy an action-packed adventure in a multi-sensory environment. Every session ends with our ‘Say Goodbye’ song.


Our award-winning Toddler Sense classes are held at The WOW Sensory Centre, (Unit 415)  189 South Centre Road, Tullamarine, 3043.


The location is easy to access from Metro, West and Hume Highway, located 5 minutes from Airport West Westfield Centre. Free parking available on front of industrial estate.