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It’s time to go an Adventure!

Toddler sense is a multi-award winning program, which introduces children 13 months to 4 years-old, to a whole new world of adventure after Baby Sensory. The program is founded on decades of scientific research and its structure will help prepare your child for the years ahead in their academic, sporting and/or social interests.

Young minds and bodies will be stimulated and enriched by our developmental program.

Our program and activities are designed to:

·     promote a positive attitude to movement and exercise

·     keep children mentally alert and cognitively stimulated

·     develop imagination and creativity

·     promote social and emotional wellbeing

·     enhance language and communication skills

·     gain a basic understanding of mathematics

·     develop an understanding of the world in a fun and energetic way

Toddlers and children that engage in or program will embark on a world of adventure filled with amazing and purposeful activities. Little one’s gross motor, fine motor, and imagination skills will be enhanced by their time in our Adventure Play. Our Adventure Play area is filled with a variety of soft play equipment, gym equipment, inflatables, balancing and climbing equipment and many more resources and props to captivate young minds and bodies. 

Adventure Play is followed by structured play. Our activities will stimulate your toddler’s senses, their brain development  to aid in laying the foundation for learning and development and provide ideas that can be replicated at home. 

Each week we have a new theme and an adventure for your toddler to enjoy! We look forward to seeing you very soon!

*If our classes say 'waitlist' this means they are fully booked. We HIGHLY recommend choosing another day or time to ensure you secure a spot as it's unlikely to get into a full class until the next term starts*

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What people say about us:

"Toddler Sense definitely has the Wow factor! The moment we stepped through the door we were amazed by the bright and colourful equipment. From bouncy castles, to balancing beams, it was so impressive. Charlie was in heaven often exploring straight away- and I couldn't quite believe that this was our local village hall".

Jemima Webb

 "I cannot recommend these classes enough, they are fantastic!! My little girl has enjoyed every minute of them. Katie, the class leader, is fabulous and does an excellent job of keeping the kids entertained and interested. Every session is different and it's never repetitive. In my opinion, it's one of the best toddler/baby classes available".

Leanne Nightingale

"Both my boys have loved Toddler Sense - a brilliant combination of toddler-led soft play equipment followed by class leader-led activities/music and movement! The Class Leader is fantastic - full of energy. I Highly recommended these classes!". 
Emma Wearn

 "My first Toddler Sense session was a couple of years ago, with my eldest daughter. I watched her grow in confidence every week and I really liked that the classes were helping to satisfy her inquisitive nature by continually providing numerous types of sensory equipment, alongside lots of different themes.  I now take my youngest daughter to Toddler Sense, she also enjoys the sessions. The classes are a perfect opportunity for me to focus on my daughter. There is also the added bonus that I am almost certainly guaranteed an afternoon nap from my little one, on the day that Toddler Sense runs!"

Andrea Odell


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